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The benefits of implementing an effective rewards system

Fostering positive behavior and habits in children almost always makes the top of a parent’s list. And while it can get tough at times, a simple reward system can go a long way to help your kid reach behavioral milestones. Reward Systems – often confused with bribes, are more long-term and planned. These systems can differ with age and needs, therefore, incorporating one that involves healthy incentives to achieve goals becomes crucial. 

In this quick guide, we talk about reward systems and their benefits + some quick tips to make a successful one. 


Reward System: What It Is + Benefits 

A reward system is simply an approach to encourage discipline. Instead of punishments for their actions, children are given words of appreciation, feedback, or rewards and encouraged to replace their negative behavior with positive ones. 

The benefits go beyond positive habit enforcement. Reward systems help build self-esteem with the recognition of the child’s efforts, strengthening the bond between the parent and the child. It also encourages the child to develop new, useful skills and promotes the idea of focusing on the positives.It can lead to a happier home – with reduced stress levels and constant progress of the child towards responsibility and independence. 


Tips To Create A Successful Reward System

Tip #1: Effective Rewards

It is important to know what motivates them – which can be their reward at the end of the task. One of the best things about reward systems is flexibility. As your child grows up, you can redesign the system to add more age-appropriate incentives. One common incentive is pocket money, but the rewards do not necessarily need to be financial and can include a cinema visit, video game, etc. 


Tip #2: Measurable Tasks and Clear Desired Results

Just saying “cleaning the bedroom” encompasses a variety of tasks, such as making the bed, placing clothes in the closet, etc. Therefore, be specific of the tasks you desire them to complete and build a habit out of, instead of giving a broad task that can get confusing. 


Tip #3: Consistency and Appreciation

The key is to be consistent with the expectations and not give them any grace rewards. This ensures that the goal of the reward system is met. Another key is to keep recognizing their progress and keep appreciating their improvements – even if you shift to another goal – to keep encouraging them.


Tip #4: Involve your Child

A very important tip is to involve your kid in planning as well as implementing it. Sit together and decide the reward with your child and let them do their bit in implementing the rewards, for instance, placing stickers on reward charts, to keep them engaged. 


Tip #5: Keep it Age-Specific 

Reward systems work best when structured in age-specific ways. For example, for younger kids, delayed gratification may not be the best option and make them lose interest and focus easily. Therefore, make sure that the reward systems are incorporated with the best-suited rewards and rules for your kid. 

Read our guide on age-specific reward systems for all the information you need to know.



In conclusion, implementing an effective rewards system for kids is a great way to encourage good behaviour and foster positive development. Rewards can be used in numerous ways, such as providing tangible items or experiences, offering recognition, or instilling a sense of accomplishment. By applying the right systems and techniques, parents and educators can help children learn important values while also increasing their motivation to succeed.


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