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Creating Sticker Charts for Reward Systems

A Guide to Creating Sticker Charts for Reward Systems

Sticker charts are a great tool to incentivize your preschooler to develop healthy habits. While older kids need a more complex reward system, stickers are enough to excite and motivate your kid to work towards the goals you have set for them. Stickers can further be exchanged later for tangible rewards. 


In this article, we talk about everything sticker charts – the steps to creating effective sticker charts, quick tips to keep in mind as well as a sample template reference that you can base your chart on.


How they Work + TimingHow they Work + Timing

The process starts off by narrowing down a behavior you wish to see in your child. These can include sleeping independently, hygiene habits such as brushing teeth, or reducing negative behaviours. Every time they display the behavior, you can give them a sticker that they can put on their chart.  Although they need frequent rewards to keep them engaged, you can observe their behavior at certain times of the day and reward them accordingly. Your kid might also come to you on their own after they demonstrate good behaviour to earn a sticker. This can also encourage them to stay on their best behavior all day.


Creating an Effective Sticker Chart



Some Quick Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Choose personalised rewards

You know your child best. Therefore, after they collect a certain amount of stickers or reach the goal set by you, choose the reward that will motivate them the most. For some, this can mean colouring sessions or a toy from their favourite shop. 

  • Consistency + Refreshing the Chart

Every 4-6 weeks evaluate how your child is interacting with the chart and if they have reached the goals you have set for them effectively. You can then work on other habits or behaviours or change the layout of the chart to keep them invested. Different charts are likely to engage them more. 

  • Choosing Behaviours Together

It is always best to work together with your kids to decide behaviours that will be rewarded. As you involve them in decision-making, it acts like a medium of encouragement as well as gives the child a sense of independence and accountability and boosts self-esteem.


Sample Sticker Chart Template 




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